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Remember - it's one drink at a time.

Fucked off...

I am completely fucked off off on some random Scotch. Five shots at 86% proof has made me feel like a fucking in guerrilla in a sweater. Thanks Beccis. Oh and happy Irish day to you so called Irish.

Saturday night drinking

so, I don't remember where the hell I saw this drink.. but, when in rome!

everything is done in equal parts - so I actually mixed up 2 measured cups of each

Orange Juice
Pina Colada Mix
Capt. Morgan's Spiced Rum

put all of these into a pitcher and stir it around. If everything was cold before hand - then you are ready to go - if not - then put the mix in the fridge for at least a half n hour.

serve in a big ol' glass with ice.

I wanna say it was called Capt. Morgan's Dreamcicle but I could be wrong.

my weeks as of late

have contained a minimum of 3 shots of tequila, and a minimum of 3 beers. Nightly. Today - I came home from work, had a beer and took a nap. I woke up to the man thing telling me it seemed like I'd been taking a hella lotta naps this week. Am i sick? I felt a lil' bit sick - like mebe i had a bug of some sort.

so I got up @ 7pm.. and well.. 4 shots of tequila (2 Don Julio Anjeo and 2 Milagro Rested) and 2 more beers.. I am HEALED! almost like the laying of hands. - oh yeah, there is also the drunkards mixing of lime gatorade, 3 shots of jose silver and a hella lot of fresh lime juice (Tastes like desert scrub brush!)

anyhoo. I'm awake and feel a million times better.


some changes..

mainly to the text here in this comm... such under MOOD you can put down what you are drinking.. LOCATION comes up as BAR and music is JUKEBOX.


well hello there.. among other things.. how was your Easter? am asking because MY EASTER was hot. It was like a summer day.

so that was spent with some limes, some sour mix, some ice... and Don Julio Anjeo. The Don Julio was for shots.. the other stuff was mixed with good ol' jose.

good times.
* One part Jamesons
* One part cream
* Two parts pumpkin milk
* fuckton of freshly grated nutmeg, none of that "ground nutmeg" crap

Pour over ice in a single old-fashioned glass. Stir with a chopstick or whatever.

It is awesome. Too bad I'm pretty much out of pumpkin milk.


Rum punch + boat + pirate hats + wooden swords.



it's just that.

tall glass full of ice.
2 shots of Absolut apeach voddy
2 shots of Zen Green Tea Liqueur

top the rest off with soda water.. and MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm SUMMER DRINK!


drink and dinner was had @ the San Pedro Brewing Company tonight. I had 2 pints of their blueberry blonde and it was freaking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD... it came with floaty blueberries in it that would do a little sea monkey dance by going up and down the pint glass. The boy - who blames his beer intake on ME had a SHANGHAI RED and then the Bruin Blonde. Both were excellent.

oh and we had food which was super good too.. but hey.. it's all about the booze ya know?


Martini & Beer

thats whats for dinner. The boy got a wild burr up his ass for a blue cheese stuffed olive dirty martini.. so of course *I* had to have one. BUT WAIT! I have a beer too! OH THE HORROR!!!

haven't posted in quite a while - but here is the 411 on what's been going down.

*I*'ve been DRINKING!!! it's no lie.

the past several weeks have been a total blur. Last weekend it was VEGA$$ - that saw me drinking in CENTRIFUGE where the drinks are always great. They've got amazing beer on tap - Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Stella Artois, Peroni! and I think a couple of others.. but the best part is.. NO nasty beers! THOSE come in, get this - BOTTLES and cost a buck more! thats right!!! you can have on tap Italy's PERONI for 5 bucks.. or you can get a BUD for 6 bucks. HA! suckers!!!

anyhoo Centrifuge is fun because the bartenders are always cool and every 30 minutes they hop up on the bar and dance!! ;)

next was the ever popular QUARKS @ the Hilton so we could get our warp core breach on.! If you are ever there look for a Bartender named Darren - HE is ALWAYS there when we are.. and well, it's just funny.

anyhoo - thats all you get for now!
i got drinking to do!!


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