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Remember - it's one drink at a time.

weekend start!

1 youngs dbl choc stout down and am working on an absinthe frappe~! made with the herbsaint! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm! green cloudy goodness!!!

Beer as dessert!

ok, you should not be able to do this with beer. You should be arrested on the spot for making a yummy ice creamy dessert!

3 scoops of Dryers BANANA NUT limited edition ice cream
and about a half a cup mebe more of YOUNGS DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT.

I just took 3 bites and had it STOLEN away from me because it was so good.

$102 bucks of BOOOOOOZE

I had been meaning to find/pick up this stuff forever, as I had heard it was pretty good...

ZEN GREEN TEA LIQUEUR and yesh, it IS fucking good. It's got a lovely green color and a strong taste of GOOD green tea. I am drinking mine right now with soda water. It's not a liqueur where you up and get hammered on - nope it's a liqueur that you "enjoy" kinda like a nice dessert. - perfect for that nightcap! ;) which *I* am doing right now! HEee!

and speaking of Desserts.. we finally found a CHOCOLATE PORT! WOOT! haven't tried it yet though.

also on the list of shit we bought is HERBSAINT which is the liqueur that is used in a lot of the drinks @ the old absinthe haus in New Orleans.

um - 2 4packs of Youngs Double Chocolate... I think thats it? ;)


or at least the common head cold!

for damnsakes man! Friday night I started to get kinda poopy.. it was decided what I needed was booze - but since I was driving all it was going to be was a coupla beers. there you go.

Saturday I woke up feeling like crap! head full of poop and all flu like. So I dropped a bunch of pills and laid back down until around 7pm. Then it was decided AGAIN that I needed some beers.

BEERS it was. Had 3 of 'em before we left and then 3 more @ the concert! NO MORE COLD! SWEeeeeeeeeeeeT! Woke up Sunday - took a vitamin, some pills and was A-O-K!

Drink like a lit writer!

so the other day at work I bought Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide to American Writers!

I had seen the book mentioned and then in a drunken haze forgotten about it.. but anyhoo I was shocked to find it @ my work.!

What makes it great is it goes into detail what kind of drinker all of the writers mentioned were. Like Hunter S. Thompson - starting his day with a Lumberjack Breakfast that consisted of 4 bloody marys and various other shit.

anyhoo.. it's a great book1!!


Chocolate Port?

So - while @ the faggy Ren Faire - I had the chance to try a Chocolate Port. I should of asked the actual BRAND NAME of the stuff.. anyhoo - it was fucking good. imagine a really good port wine but infused with chocolate. Thats what I had. I've searched BEVMO online and haven't seen anything.. ;(


but now I want a bottle real bad!! So I think I shall have to make a trip to the new BEVMO in Cypress and check it out.

May. 1st, 2007

Real Absinthe available in the US..?


It looks to be 125 proof - so at the very least, it should get you good and funked up!

and im done!

for tonight.

1 whole pitcher of Blue Moon beer... + me = LIT like the 4th of july!! and it's good.

and now I am watching the end of To Wong Foo - thanks for the fish in my crotch Julie Newmar.. or what ever the fuck it was called. All I know it had Patrick Swayze playing DRAG and that ain't all bad.

oh and look! by the magic of the TV the movie has started ALL OVER AGAIN.

lets get this party started.

im drunk.

are you? Well I hope so. I've decided to start a drinking journal - seeing how I do quite a lot of it.

I figured this would be a good outlet for drunken posts, and or what evers. If my fingers work.

so hopefully i'll get others in on this.

if you are a drinker, then you need ot be here.


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